Saturday, May 31, 2008

Carol / Snow Raven Colab Kit

Carol has two new kits and she & Snowraven have a collab kit that they will put into the store at ScrapHead soon. I will be making some Layouts with these kits so watch the slideshow for more pictures of them.
Here are previews of those kits:

This is the elements preview of Come into My Garden Come into My Garden elements

Here are the papers for Come into My Garden Photobucket

Next we have Love of Pansy
Element Preview
Love of Pansy

and the papers

The Collaboration Kit:

This is called Birthday Wishes

Time for me to go, I need to get the Scraphead download for June 1 ready. I will put links to Scraphead Store in the morning.

Until next time...

Friday, May 30, 2008

John, ABC's of Tonya, SOTB

Ended up in GJ (Grand Junction) for the last couple of days.

John, my significant other, is going through some hard times medically right now. He was having problems urinating, and they did a CT to see what is going on. He has what appears to be a tumor on the bladder where the prostate is. (He had prostate cancer 10 years ago.) But when they put the stent in from the kidney to the bladder they didn't see anything other than the prostate has enlarged again.

The reason we stayed in GJ, between the price of gas right now, it wearing him out when we go to town, (it takes two hours one way) and him needing to see two Dr.'s in three days it was just more prudent to do that. While we were there they did another CT and saw there was no change.

He had been wearing diapers because the stent was irritating the bladder, so he was having no control from drip. However, he wasn't able to empty the bladder either. So today they put a catheter in and he will wear that for the next week. Maybe next week it will come out and they will do another scope to look to see what is going on up there.

On to other things. Jen asked us at chat tonight to put our blog addresses out there for others to know about. So I did. She is calling it a "Blog-Train". They are in hopes of getting SOTB (Scrap Outside the Box) back to being a great place for scrappers to want to go. SOTB is where I am making my ABC's of Tonya at.

At the motel last night, I went through some of my disks and I found some of the pictures I have been looking for to finish up G, W and J. Now if someone would upload a page I could get one of those uploaded. I also figured out what to make with E. So I can get that page made and upload it here and continue on.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Daughter is making a Blog!

I was talking to my daughter on Yahoo and gave her copies of the layouts I made. Then I suddenly remembered, and said "Oh, I have a blog"

She said she liked the slide show. (Well, I would think so, since it is mostly her family.)

So anyway, she told me she had to potty. And about an hour later she says "how do I profile? I am making a blogspot..."

Woohoo, she has a video on there of the baby in a swing!

Maybe tomorrow I will tell more of what is going on in my life, here at home.

Have a good evening.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Can you believe it? All that work!

I have to tell you, I think somehow Photobucket figured out that I went to Slide to get my photos on this blog. The reason I think that is I just reloaded the blog and there was photobucket working! Just amazing!

But that is ok, cuz slide had me imbed into this post. I have to figure out how to move it to the side. But as long as photobucket works, I won't have to! LOL

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still Working on Slideshow, Winning Guess

I have been working on getting the slideshow to work. It did work for a few minutes but then I tried to add more photos...
I am getting frustrated again, so I am gonna call it quits for tonight.

Hey, I put my guess on Divine Digital as to whether Princess LaLa's baby will be a boy or a girl. I guessed boy. I didn't read further so didn't know that there was a prize involved! So I opened my email today and there was a notice that I had a pm at DD. So I went and opened it and it said I was a winner! WOW! I get a $10 GC to use in Laura's store! Hopefully I will receive it before the sale is over! Also I get a Basic Grey Chipboard album through the mail! What a lucky day it was for me yesterday!

That's all I have to say for today. Have a great one!


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trying to add Slideshow

I have tried a couple of times today to add a slideshow. So far it is beyond my ability. I will have to find someone to help me. I tried help on the site but I am more of a hands on person. Maybe tomorrow.
I added some more pages to the ABC's of Tonya today. At the ABC Crop on Wednesday, I challenged everyone to get their ABC's done. I suggested in the thread that I would not post anymore pages until someone else posted. Today, two pages were posted, so I added two of mine that were done.
I have not yet done my E. I just figured out what to make it of, now I need to find the photo(s) to use. I should be able to load it here in the next 48 hrs. The reason for the length of time, I have to go to town tomorrow and get my van it's next oil change. So I don't know if I will have the time.
With that, seeing the time, I guess I better get off here.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Post!!!

Wow! I am now a blogger!
I guess for starters I will upload some layout pages I have made. I think I will start with an album I am making for my granddaughter Tonya. It is part of a "for fun" crop challenge called A-B-C crop on Scrap Outside the Box. Here you will find the current forum thread.

So we have A is for Alex & Lizzy.

Alex is my eldest. His only child is Elizabeth. She has Ausbergers Syndrome. It is actually a rather heavy dose. It doesn't help any that her mother is over protective.
I took the girls (Tonya & Veronica) to the family reunion 2 yrs ago. We (including my mom) went to Alki Beach to meet up with Lizzy and her Mom and Dad. They have been divorced for about 7 yrs now, and Lizzy and her mom were living in Idaho but had just moved back to the Seattle area. The cousins had never met each other. Lizzy is not antisocial as much as her mother thinks, we all got along famously.
The photo in the layout is when we first got there. We then drove on around and walked on the beach and had lunch at a local place, followed by ice cream from the ice cream truck.
Mom was getting worn out so we returned to my brother's house.

On to the letter B. Bubble Bath

During the same trip, it was a little bit crowded at my brother's house and the girls were getting on Mom's nerves, so we went to my uncle Tom's to stay. Uncle Tom loves kids (unfortunately for him, he never had any of his own) so everyone thought that would be a good place to go. When we arrived we found he was pooch-sitting. He had two extra dogs. The one in the picture got along with the girls. Veronica could do just about anything to that dog and it took it so well. When it was bath time they even gave the dog a good scrubbing!

On to the letter C. Cartwheel is what I named this layout.

Tonya was 5 years old when we took these photos. She was living with me at the time. Her mom as working down at Gateway and had not yet moved the girls down there. She is a good acrobat. I have other photos of her swinging around a pole while her great uncle Darcy and Great grand uncle Tom are holding it. She was also able to cross the jungle gym hand holds in Kindergarten!

Next we have D. D is for Draw!

We were at the Library one day while I was working on the Lions Club Newsletter. She came to me and asked if I would show her how to draw a person. I told her to go ask her Ema (where my mom got that name for grandma I don't know), her great grandma to help her because she was a much better artist than I was. So Mom (the librarian) made the drawing on the left and told her to match everything she did. Her drawing was quite amazing and almost perfectly the same. In the photo she is working on another. She was 4 when this happened.
Ok, I have done my blog for today. Thanks for looking.