Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010

Another year comes to an end. 

Again I am going to attempt the Project 365 photos.  I even made a Front Page for the album using a freebie from Digi Deborah Designs called Just Life.  She is not a paid designer and hangs out at DigiScraps Drive-In.

She told me it was the first time someone showed her what they used her mini for.  It was a thrill for her.

That is all for right now.  I need to make a couple of layouts so I will be back with them to show off.

Until next time,

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Time Away

It has been since May!  Wow!  Ok, time to give it another try!

I have moved to Alaska since last I wrote here.  My brother asked me to come up and help with Dad, so I dropped everything and put it all in storage, jumped on a plane and landed here.  Here in the land of "I can see Russia from here", yep I live in Sarah Palin's home town.  (And no matter how hard I try, I can't see Russia from here.)  I would have to go way up to Nome and then go to Big Diomede Island in order to see Russia. From there you can see Small Diomede Island which belongs to Russia.

I am making this one short!  I am getting tired, so until next time,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sun Blog Train

May 16 Sun Blog

May 17

May 18

I will see you tomorrow with the next installment.

Happy scrapping!


Thursday, April 29, 2010


This is just to let you know that there is a lot of stuff going on at DSDI this weekend. 

(This from Jewel)

I'm so excited to be hosting another scrapathon! We did one last fall for DSD (Digi Scrapping Day - look for it this fall!) and it was SO much fun we just had to do it again!.

If you have never participated in a scrapathon before, you might be wondering what this is all about! And boy are you in for a treat!

Over the course of the weekend I will post 10 different challenges. I will post 2 on Friday and 4 each on Saturday and Sunday. Your challenge is to complete as many or all of the challenges before midnight Eastern time on Monday May 3.

Each challenge will be different, designed to push you a little bit, but mostly designed to get you scrapping and having fun :)

And believe me, it feels awesome to look back on 10 compelted layouts in one weekend!

But in case you'd like a little more motivation than completed pages, we do have some participation prizes. We've broken it down into three different participation levels so that even if you can't get all 10 done you still get some goodies.

Level 1 - when you complete 2 to 5 challenges you earn an awesome addon to our May Flavor Of The Month.

Level 2 - when you complete 6 to 9 challenges, you get the level 1 prize PLUS a goodie bag of coupons from our awesome DSDI Designers.

Level 3 - when you complete all 10 challenges, you get the level 1 and 2 gifts, PLUS you will be entered into a super duper draw where you can win ALL of Mandymade's store or ALL of Mad Genius Designs store. We will choose two winners - so you have a great chance of winning!

So set up your scrapping nook with whatever snacks you need, choose your photos, and prepare to scrap!

And adding to that there is a Speed Scrap tomorrow night!

Be sure to join the fun!

Until next time!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freebie Daily Download

At Digiscraps Drive-In There is a Daily Download made by Mad Genius Scraps.
Here is the preview:
 I made a layout with it today of my granddaughters scrapping at my house this morning.  We started them last night but because I haven't got everything unpacked, we had to run to Wally's World to get a hole punch.  By the time we got home I was just too tired to finish up so we continued with them this morning.

So run over to DSDI and get your free downloads!

Until next time!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today we have a Brag Book Freebie Blog Train featuring brag book pages made with Spring Brings Hope charity collab. available exclusively at DigiScraps Drive-In. Here's some info:

Spring Brings Hope is a charity collab benefiting Jenna K of MN.

Jenna's story:
Jenna was diagnosed in Dec of 2009, with Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder,a form of Cancer caused by the anti-rejection medications she received following her transplant. She received a liver transplant in 1997 when she was 7 years old. Jenna is now home from her 1st Semester of college at Bemidji State University in MN, receiving a rigorous chemotherapy treatment for the next 6 months.

100% of proceeds from this kit will be given to Jenna to cover her medical expenses.

Nine designers have joined together to bring you this fun spring kit. These designers have donated 68 papers, 93 elements, 1 full alphabet, and 2 12x12 quick pages.

Contributing Designers:
7hump3r Designs
DigiDesigns by Denise
DigiLover's Addiction
Designs by Angel
Designs by the Polka Dot Chicks
Inkin' Creations
Kimberly Schlehahn Designs
Mad Genius Designs
Ruby Lane Designs

Spring Brings Hope will be available for a limited time!

You will also receive a coupon for 50% off of the Flavor of the Month DSDI Designer Collab purchase price.

Here are the blogs participating in this blog train:

Mad Genius Designs
Kerry Scraps
Gail's Moments In Time
For Ever More Creations
Digi Eye Scraps
Heide's Scrap Spot
CJoy2Day Designs
Digi Deborah's Designs
Carol's Creative Corber
Tessthescrapper You Are Here
Designs by Angel
DigiLover's Addiction
Nana Pixels
Kimberly Schlehahn
Little Red Scraps
Inkin' Creations:

And here is my contribution:

And here is the link.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

DSDI LAYOUTS, A NEW KIT FROM DSDI, DSDI CHALLENGES, AND A FREEBIE FROM ME have been bad.  No posts for over a month!  Slap my hand!

I have been a little lazy... but part of it is because we had 8" of snow and I slipped and hurt my back.  Then I hurt it again which turned into Sciatica on Christmas morning.  It hurt bad enough that I sent for my youngest to come help me.  He lives in Washington and is unemployed at the moment.

Now that I don't have to jump up every time my husband calls me, the Sciatica is not hurting quite as much, however it is still painful.

Decembers Dance - Soft

So let's start with a kit from Red Genius Enterprises.  There are two designers who are collaborating to make these kits.  Jane (Little Red Scraps) and Jewel (Mad Genius Designs).

Here is a layout using this kit that I did for the Order Up Challenge at DSDI!  You might want to try it out!  It is a lot of fun.  You are given a "menu" of food to choose from.  You order your meal and are given a list of items to make your layout with.  Here is what I ordered:
Grilled Chicken
Chef Salad/Italian dressing
(Sweet) Mustard (if you have some)
Baby Carrots
Green Beans
Onion Rings
half Coke half Sprite (almost tastes like Pepsi)
Banana (Split)

and this is what I had to use in my layout:

2 photos (1 canNOT be square, circle or rectangle shape)
2 solid, 1 patterned papers
5 more papers
Mat for each photo
Seasonal element
Title using 2 different fonts/alphas

Now I asked for a couple of items not on the menu... lol, and I think I had a few extras for doing that!

The other layout I did first was not for a challenge or anything.  The photo was taken early in December.  It was after the 8" of snow fell.  One of the few warmer days when the temperature went above 32 degrees.  There are a few places where the gutter is separated and the water came down.  I took the photo from inside the house, through the window.  I had to photoshop it to make the icicle shine cuz it was in the shade.


One of the challenges at DSDI is the Color Challenge.  You can either make a layout using the colors of the month, or make a mini kit.  For the December challenge I chose to make a mini-kit, because I had just learned to make plaid, and I thought that plaid would make a great country Christmas kit. Here is the link for this month's challenge.

You can pick it up here.

Until next time,