Sunday, January 3, 2010

DSDI LAYOUTS, A NEW KIT FROM DSDI, DSDI CHALLENGES, AND A FREEBIE FROM ME have been bad.  No posts for over a month!  Slap my hand!

I have been a little lazy... but part of it is because we had 8" of snow and I slipped and hurt my back.  Then I hurt it again which turned into Sciatica on Christmas morning.  It hurt bad enough that I sent for my youngest to come help me.  He lives in Washington and is unemployed at the moment.

Now that I don't have to jump up every time my husband calls me, the Sciatica is not hurting quite as much, however it is still painful.

Decembers Dance - Soft

So let's start with a kit from Red Genius Enterprises.  There are two designers who are collaborating to make these kits.  Jane (Little Red Scraps) and Jewel (Mad Genius Designs).

Here is a layout using this kit that I did for the Order Up Challenge at DSDI!  You might want to try it out!  It is a lot of fun.  You are given a "menu" of food to choose from.  You order your meal and are given a list of items to make your layout with.  Here is what I ordered:
Grilled Chicken
Chef Salad/Italian dressing
(Sweet) Mustard (if you have some)
Baby Carrots
Green Beans
Onion Rings
half Coke half Sprite (almost tastes like Pepsi)
Banana (Split)

and this is what I had to use in my layout:

2 photos (1 canNOT be square, circle or rectangle shape)
2 solid, 1 patterned papers
5 more papers
Mat for each photo
Seasonal element
Title using 2 different fonts/alphas

Now I asked for a couple of items not on the menu... lol, and I think I had a few extras for doing that!

The other layout I did first was not for a challenge or anything.  The photo was taken early in December.  It was after the 8" of snow fell.  One of the few warmer days when the temperature went above 32 degrees.  There are a few places where the gutter is separated and the water came down.  I took the photo from inside the house, through the window.  I had to photoshop it to make the icicle shine cuz it was in the shade.


One of the challenges at DSDI is the Color Challenge.  You can either make a layout using the colors of the month, or make a mini kit.  For the December challenge I chose to make a mini-kit, because I had just learned to make plaid, and I thought that plaid would make a great country Christmas kit. Here is the link for this month's challenge.

You can pick it up here.

Until next time,