Sunday, January 2, 2011

P365 and a layout

I spend a lot of time in my room because that is where my computer is at.  With a one and a two year old running around here, I don't want it out in the living room.  Today's photo is of the view from my window.  There is nothing to see.  In twenty years since I left Alaska, the neighbor has gone from a hole in the ground to a cinder-block basement.  At this rate, he will die before he gets a roof up.

 Mom2Moo Designs at DSDI

I made this layout of the photos I took with two different lenses the night of the lunar eclipse.  I used Mom2Moo Designs Kit Woodsy Wonder. I really like how it came out.

Here is a preview of the whole kit:

 You can click on the photo above to get to her shop.

Have a great evening! Until next time,



teevee_etc said...

You've got a great view!!! And I'm not to sure about your neighbors building rate either, but he/she must have some kind of plan ;)

ps I've added you to my 365 blog list.

G.I. said...

I didn't notice the neighbour's property at first! Just thought how lovely your view was :)

Laura said...

I didn't notice the neighbor either, lol!! That's too funny how slowly he's building!